Night bike PDX

As one of the most bicycle friendly cities in the U.S., Portland offers an urban playground for bicycle enthusiasts. Among its many nicknames is “Bike City USA”, which seems appropriate given the bike-friendly image Portland proudly portrays. A testament to Portland’s bike culture is the annual World Naked Bike Ride. According to Reuters, Portland had over 8,000 participants in 2013.

Looking for an activity to get you out of the house? A night ride provides you with a productive way to get out and explore the city. A location worth riding to is Waterfront Park. The Steel Bridge provides bike lane access for crossing over to the Vera Katz Eastside Esplanade. The esplanade literally floats on the river and boasts a stunning view of the downtown skyline. Riding along the Willamette will offer some of the most scenic views of the city. Whether you are accompanied by fellow cyclist or riding solo, Waterfront Park is not a bad choice.

You might also opt for a more urban ride within downtown. A possible route would be taking Park Avenue up to Burnside Street where you could explore the madness that is Portland nightlife. Consider riding over to Chinatown where food carts and nightclubs draw the drunken masses. The bridge and tunnel crowd stumbling out of the clubs make for good people watching as you weave through them and avoid potholes.

Wherever the night takes you, biking in Portland is a unique experience and the possibilities are endless. You are not limited to sitting in traffic or confined to the schedule of public transit. A nocturnal outing by bike promises a sense of release and freedom as you ride off into the night.