No. 1 spot to snooze on campus

Voted the best place to catch up on some beauty rest is none other than la casa de libros, or the house of books.

That’s right, it’s the Branford P. Millar Library that has earned top honors for providing the most accommodating atmosphere for folks who just can’t manage to keep their heavy eyelids open, and rightfully so.

With noise at a minimum and air heavy with concentration, it is easy to slip into that state of unconsciousness, however brief it may be.

In China, they call it a “tsui tsui,” which is the equivalent of what we here in the States call a “good ol’ nap.” A nap, however, cannot take place just anywhere, except for those rare few who can sleep through fire alarms and earthquakes, which is why a peaceful and stress-free location is needed for that wonderful function of sleep to take place.

Some seek the library out for that reason, and others end up napping not out of choice, but rather as a result of sheer overload on their brains, as one student was observed with her head between the pages of a statistics book, attempting the trick of learning through osmosis.

Although the remodeling of the library this summer meant most of the cushioned furniture that used to line each floor’s windows was removed and replaced with standard chairs and tables, the library is still a welcoming place for one to get some shut-eye.

With eight cushioned chairs and footrests on the second floor and 12 on the first, there are enough opportunities to give the feet some rest, allowing students to check for holes in their eyelids. Combine that with great temperature control and around-the-clock hours five days out of the week, and you’ve got yourself Portland State University’s best place to take a nap.