Plateau plans finalized

At the October 17 meeting of the Oregon University System (OUS), the Board of Higher Education approved Portland State’s request to phase out the tuition plateau over the next year, rather than completely eliminating it this winter.

The plateau currently allows students taking from 12-18 undergraduate and 9-16 graduate credits to pay one flat tuition rate. Under the revised plan, the plateau will be reduced to 12-15 undergraduate and 9-13 graduate credits.

The plateau will be completely eliminated fall term 2004 and all students will pay on a per-credit basis.

The original plan for eliminating the plateau did not include a phasing-out process, but simply planned to eliminate it completely this coming winter term. Representatives from student government and university administration met several times over the summer and beginning of fall term to come to some sort of agreement.

The revised plan, which was just approved by the OUS board, is what the two parties agreed to.

— Sara Gundell