Plinski endures changes as freshman athlete

There are many new faces this year on the women’s soccer team at Portland State. Thus far the team has bettered their total for victories from the last two seasons put together.

Out of the new faces on the team, Megan Plinski chose Portland State as her destination for college to assist the struggling soccer program. Plinski is originally from Corvallis, where she attended Corvallis High School.

All through high school, Plinski was a standout athlete for her team. She earned First Team All-League honors four years in a row, while playing on varsity. Plinski was Second Team All-State as a senior as well as captain of her team. She also played varsity basketball for two years.

“I chose to play at PSU because I liked the coaching staff and players. I knew that we could only improve as a team,” Plinski said.

Very interested in architecture for a future career, Plinski was pleased Portland State offered her major for undergraduate studies.

As far as the location itself, it couldn’t be a better fit for her needs.

“I wanted to go away for college, but not too far from home or my family and friends,” Plinski said.

The team has already shown drastic improvement from their last two seasons. Plinski is happy with the progress and believes the team can only go up from here, as well as on an individual basis.

“So far it’s going great. We get along as a team and have a lot of talent. We can only get better as a team. In the future we can look forward to a great soccer team with opportunities to reach new levels at this school,” Plinski added.

It has been somewhat of a challenging adjustment moving to her college campus a couple months in advance to the start of classes and not knowing anyone. Plinski agrees her teammates have made her transition easier than it could have been.

“It has been tough moving to a big city not knowing anyone. The girls on the team have been great, not to mention my family is very close. I think the adjustment has been a lot easier being a part of a team,” Plinski said.

So far Plinski has not had to manage her time between classes and other undying arrangements. It seems getting to school earlier than most others was a beneficial event. However, when classes begin, life on campus may change drastically.

“It will definitely be more difficult when classes start. Soccer takes up a lot of my time now, school and homework will just add on. It was a positive thing getting to school early, we got to know each other better as a team as well as other athletes. We were able to focus the majority of our attention on soccer,” Plinski said.