Police Review Board deadline extended

Portland Police Chief Derrick Foxworth has extended themembership application deadline to a pool of citizens who will siton two new internal boards. Assistant Chief of Support ServicesBruce Prunk said last week that due to the small window of timebetween Foxworth’s June 14 announcement and the original July 1deadline, the bureau had decided to accept applications untilFriday, July 9. Though the plan called for 15 – 20 civilians toserve on the boards, the bureau had only received 12 by July 1.

Citizen volunteers appointed to the pool will be introduced topolice serve jury-style on the Performance Review Board and/or Useof Force Review Board. When a question about conduct rises withinpolice ranks, the boards, which include peer and superior officersas well as citizens, will advise Foxworth whether the actions inquestion are within policy and make recommendations for discipline,if applicable.

Anyone who lives, works or goes to school in Portland is welcometo apply, said Prunk. Applications are available at any policeprecinct.