Portland bar owner publishes employee data online

Public screenshots included social security numbers, addresses

Editor’s note: The screenshot obtained by Portland State Vanguard was already edited by another Facebook user to hide the employee’s SSN and address, but has since been edited to obscure the employee’s name to protect anonymity.

Northeast Portland punk bar The Know published screenshots of employees’ uncensored W-2 forms, including individual’s full addresses and social security numbers on its official Facebook page in the evening on Friday March 23. The posts, which were reportedly up for several hours, were deleted following angry public comments, but some members of Portland’s DIY music scene and other witnesses collected screenshots beforehand. Observers reported The Know’s Facebook page was deleted for several hours Friday night but was restored Saturday morning.

Printing, displaying or posting SSNs publicly is illegal under Oregon state law. One employee declined comment, as they and other employees are seeking legal advice regarding the matter.

“Thousands of people saw my personal information,” said another employee, who wishes to remain anonymous. “Really unsettling and upsetting.”

Some public comments mentioned some kind of retaliation by bar owner Ryan Stowe against the employees involved. However, no former employees said why they think the W-2s were posted.

After observers began commenting on the images, one public screenshot shows Stowe responding with, “Keep the comments coming! I want these girls to know how wretchedly immature they are.”

Stowe has not responded to requests for comment.

The Know, opened in 2005 on NE Alberta, moved to NE Sandy Blvd. in 2016 after being priced out of its original location on NE Alberta St., as reported originally by Willamette Week.

This is a developing story. Please check back for continued coverage.