Senate roundup

Elections board: At the Student Senate meeting on Tuesday, the ASPSU Elections Board presented a nearly finalized list of its by-laws and revisions to the Senate.

Senate Roundup

Executive branch: At the Student Senate’s Tuesday meeting, ASPSU President Katie Markey discussed Senate Bill 405, a bill that would allow Oregon universities to establish an armed police force on state campuses.

Adam Rahmlow named new ASPSU president

After postponing the release of the election results by two days, the Elections Board announced on Wednesday that Adam Rahmlow and Pearce Whitehead were named the 2011–12 ASPSU president and vice president, respectively.

Senate roundup

Announcements: At Tuesday’s Senate meeting, it was announced that a meditation and prayer space will open in 47 Smith Memorial Student Union on May 3.

President approves SFC budget

Portland State President Wim Wiewel approved the Student Fee Committee’s budget for the 2011–12 school year on April 7, officially recognizing the SFC’s request to raise the student fee by $2.

Senate roundup

Lobby Day: At Tuesday’s Student Senate meeting, Oregon Student Association Campus Organizer Casey Dreher announced that 118 students have confirmed attendance for the OSA rally in Salem on April 25.