Don’t be a douche

You would think people have enough common sense to not need a guide on public park etiquette, but alas, jerks will always find a way. Don’t be a jerk. You share the campus with some 25,000+ students, so showing a little respect can go a long way.

Whether enjoying the Portland State Park Blocks or representing in the greater Portland area, we’ve listed a few pieces of advice to keep in mind that should make people hate on you a whole lot less.

The world is not coming to an end

Ease it on the preaching and yelling there, pal. Freedom of speech, I get it, it’s a beautiful thing that PSU should embrace, but there’s a little thing called moderation. When all the PSU students seem to ignore you or yell back at you (which in itself is freedom of speech), perhaps you are being more obnoxious than righteous.

No, I haven’t found Jesus, and no, not everybody wants to. Wearing a sign that proclaims the world is going to end and yelling that I should repent for my sins won’t make me believe you anymore than I already don’t.

We get it, you vape

Smoke? That’s fine, to each their own, but do try and be respectful with your cigarette, vape pen, or whatever you’re smoking these days. Be aware of your surroundings in the outdoors because no, not everybody is as endeared with your billowing fruity pebbles bubblegum smoke as you are. Wind direction, keep it in mind.

Ur dog, tho

We all love dogs (except maybe those creepy cat people), and dog owners love taking their canines out for a trot in the park. However, maintain some control over your pet and keep them on a leash, as this is a Multnomah County law. Avoid the heartache associated with your dog getting lost or getting exciting and eating someone’s child.

And for the love of God, clean up after them. No one wants to ruin their new kicks by stepping in your dog’s doodie.

Cool tunes, bro

I’m out to get away from all the noise, not listen to your blasting tunes. If disconnecting causes you to break out in boils, at least keep it within your group. We know you’re partying, we know you’re having a good time, but don’t be a dick.

Thoughts around the Park Blocks

The Park Blocks offers a convenient outdoor getaway for on-campus students, but the area consists of some of its own hazards for those looking to enjoy their day in the sun. We spoke to some students about the things that interrupt their chill the most.

Guliano Ferrara
Freshman / Japanese major
“Don’t smoke, and have some common sense. You need to be cool.”

Matt Sukimoto
Freshman / environmental engineering major
“Take it off campus like everyone else.”

Respect nature and peers, and just don’t smoke on the Park Blocks. It will save you a close call with CPSO and dirty looks from the guy on the bench trying to enjoy his Hawaiian cart food that probably won’t taste better with a gust of smoke to top it all off.

Nicole McCabe
Freshman / jazz studies major
“The people that come up to you, asking you to sign things. I’m always too nice to say no.”

There’s no harm in thinking over decisions about political and social petitions anyway, so leaving that for another day with a sorry and goodbye is the best way to maneuver through the situation. They don’t bite!

Just…be considerate. And don’t shy away from standing up for yourself when others aren’t. The world is full of people, and by being a little less difficult, it can definitely be a better place.

And for those of you who aren’t jerks, thank you.