Raging H탌_f탌_ gearing up for summer

Few things get as much positive attention in the music business as a good remake of a timeless song. Some bands can do it (Shaggy���s ���Angel���� is NOT original) and some cannot (think Madonna, ���American Pie����). A good cover band must have equal respect for the original cover song, and the new audience that will receive the remake.

The new band Raging H탌_f탌_ will attempt to master this delicate balance, as they prepare to take the Portland State community by storm.

Raging H탌_f탌_ (pronounced heh-fay) has been together for about four months, perfecting the music of musicians past and present with a punk twist. Tunes are played in the fashion of New Found Glory, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, MxPx and NOFX.

Many freshmen groan at the thought of their freshman inquiry class, including the founder of Raging H탌_f탌_, Jesse Kimzey. However, it was through his inquiry class that Kimzey met George Mandis, a guitar player.

���He told me that he was the guitar player in a funk band, and I said ���that���s stupid.������� Kimzey asked Mandis to start a punk covers band, but there was a problem: Mandis didn���t like punk. Over time Kimzey gradually eased his friend into liking punk music, and so Mandis finally agreed to start the band.

Though it was through the University Studies program that Raging H탌_f탌_ was accidentally created, Kimzey wants to make sure people know he thinks inquiry is ���the biggest waste of time.����

Thus, the band was created. For the past few months, Raging H탌_f탌_ has been meeting every Tuesday and Thursday after school, rocking out to the newly-interpreted sounds of their remakes, and writing some original stuff too.

In his spare time, Kimzey can be found studying, but most likely he can be seen working at an East Portland Hollywood Video, where he toils to pay for tuition. Kimzey���s heading for a major in theater arts, which he hopes will help take him all the way to Saturday Night Live.

���Even if I���m one of the regular players on that, I could also be the musical guest!����Kimzey���s theater background and spontaneous personality adds an element of humor, unpredictability and confusion to the band. He came up with the group���s peculiar name.

The name ���H탌_f탌_���� isn���t only a part of the band���s name, but a part of its members��� names as well. Each band member has a ���H탌_f탌_���� name, like each of the Ramones took that as their last name. Mandis transforms himself into ���Jorge H탌_f탌_.����

A drummer will be joining the group any day now, donning the name ���H탌_f탌_ Honduras.���� Kimzey, as the original creator of the pseudonym calls himself ���H탌_f탌_ H탌_f탌_.����

How did H탌_f탌_ come into this, anyway?

���I make up names for myself all the time,���� Kimzey said. ���One day I just started calling myself H탌_f탌_, and other people caught on and starting calling me that too. It just caught on.����

The reason ���H탌_f탌_���� is ���Raging,���� according to Kimzey, is because he���s making fun of the serious rock names such as ���Rage Against the Machine.���� This H탌_f탌_ is perfectly safe as far as we know.

���Raging H탌_f탌_���� has been especially working on two punk covers that they are their current specialties. John Lennon and Paul McCartney���s ���Yesterday���� is H탌_f탌_ H탌_f탌_���s personal favorite cover, and a top priority for the band. ���Eye of the Tiger���� by Survivor is the other big remake from Raging H탌_f탌_.

The band hasn���t played yet on campus, but they are working on arranging a gig. At this performance (no date set as of now), they hope to play their two current cover specialties, as well as two original songs. From this performance, Raging H탌_f탌_ hopes to build a following at Portland State.

What���s next for Raging H탌_f탌_? The band is going to try to remake dance hits, such as Eiffel 65���s ���Blue (da-ba-dee)���� and television show themes like the Pippy Longstocking song.

As far as the band���s evolution goes, ���We’re gonna try and get an apartment,���� Kimzey said, ���and do some more PSU stuff, and some [gigs] outside PSU.����

The band would like to get another guitarist, so Mandis can add an unconventional element to the band with his banjo-playing skills. As of now, their top priority is to win the hearts of the Portland State community. From there they can take the country.