EBay: This is a great place for musicians to find new and used equipment. Although it takes business from local music stores, EBay offers the widest selection of recording equipment and instruments that you’re likely to find in one place. And they come directly to your home.

Burnside Distribution: This is an independent distribution company that’s conveniently located in Southeast Portland, just across the Burnside Bridge.

3647 S.E. 21st


Dungeon Replicaton: Dungeon will press and label your vinyl or produce your CDs and place them in nice, shiny jewel cases, complete with color inserts!

1624 S.W. Alder


Apple Music Row: This music emporium offers instruments, recording equipment, amplifiers, pedals and pretty much everything you’ll need to make and record music. Check back periodically for fresh batches of used equipment.

225 S.W. 1st


CD Baby: An online distributor for independent releases based in Portland.

Old Town Music: The best place in town for vintage instruments and gear.

40 S.W. 3rd