Running under moonlight

We all run from conflict, from bills, from people, from school, from work, from our kids when they’re “it.” Why do so few of us run for fun? Or for fitness?

Running has amazed me since I started taking it seriously by running high school track. It’s a great workout, giving you time to listen to your favorite music, think and reflect. My favorite time to run is at night; when I let all of the stress from the day melt away on the run and then home to a hot shower and go hit the hay.

Before I moved to Portland I would take my friend Anna’s beautiful German Shepherd, Kai, on night runs. We’d both get our energy out, and there was a peace that came with running at night. In the suburbs, if it was a clear night, the moon and stars were easily visible. There would be minimal street traffic, and those summer night runs were warm in the darkness.

I love Portland State for more reasons than I can count. But one of these reasons is its location in relationship to the waterfront. Maybe I am the only one, but I am extremely intrigued by water, and since I am a horrible swimmer, it’s nice that I can still surround myself with its majesty.

My favorite route to run right now is from my building, Ondine, to Market Street, a left on Naito Parkway and then jump right on to the Hawthorne Bridge, circle OMSI and head back.

There’s just something about the city lights reflecting off the water and the feeling that nothing seems quite as bad when you’re blaring Jon Bellion and your feet are hitting the pavement at a speed that would make your high school track coach beam.