Screw Tom Brady!

Oh man. After two weeks of waiting, Super Bowl XXXVIII is almost here. I have my televisions stacked, beverages planned and papers done. Well, maybe not the papers but I did order Lingerie Bowl I. The professors should understand.

What a great event. The Super Bowl is consistently the most watched television event every year. It’s a media showcase. Even if you don’t like football, you can still watch for the great commercials. You can find out what beer to drink, what cool people drive and how Subway makes you thin. There is also the halftime show.

From Janet Jackson to Kid Rock to Nelly to Angie Everhart – there is something for everyone. In hope of a press invite next year, you can call you local cable provider and get the Lingerie Bowl for a mere $20.

Despite all the hoopla, the Super Bowl is still about a football game. This year the New England Patriots take on the Carolina Panthers. Two great defenses collide in this, the 38th showing of the Super Bowl.

Now a smart spectator would pick the New England Patriots. For the betting folk out there, the Patriots are picked to win by about seven points. They’re riding a fourteen game winning streak, the longest in a single season since 1972 when the Miami Dolphins went a perfect 17-0.

The Patriots also have the advantage in Super Bowl experience. In fact, 23 of the Patriots players have been on a winning Super Bowl team, where as only three Panther players have hoisted the Lombardi trophy.

New England leads the league in interceptions during the regular season with 29, posting a plus 17-turnover ratio. They have intercepted five balls in the playoffs, all from this season’s MVP quarterbacks. Cornerback Ty Law had three in the AFC Championship, snuffing out Payton Manning’s chance of making the Super Bowl.

Bill Belichick is New England’s head coach and he is scary good. Through a season of injuries he has kept his team focused. Forty-two different players have started this year for the Patriots. There are 11 players who start on offense and 11 more defensive players waiting on the side line for their chance at some play time; Belichick could almost start two different teams.

The key to Belichick’s success is his defense. He is facing a tough Carolina running attack but he comes prepared. The Panthers star running back Stephen Davis earns his checks by powering the ball between the tackles. To deter this, the Patriots plant 6’5”, 365 pound Ted Washington in the middle of their defense. Surrounding Washington is an array of super quick linebackers that plan on keeping Davis out of the secondary.

If one man is going to beat the Panthers, it’s going to be New England’s quarterback Tom Brady. Tom Brady has never lost a playoff game. He has the second highest winning percentage ever, for quarterbacks with 40 starts or more. As of late, Tom Brady’s name has been mentioned in the same sentence as Joe Montana. Tom Brady, compared to the great Joe Montana? I couldn’t believe my ears.

I say, screw Tom Brady.

This reporter is rooting for the Carolina Panthers. I’m taking the Cajun quarterback, Jake Delhomme to get a big win in Texas. The punishing Panthers defense needs to put Tom Brady on his ass and when they do, they can’t let up.

Hope that hamstring is healthy Stephen Davis, because you’ll need the extra strength when lifting that Super Bowl MVP trophy. Coach John Fox, this is a call to arms for your Panthers. Although Joe Montana is gone, he is not forgotten. However, the same won’t be said for Tom Brady when he is sent back to New England empty handed this Sunday.