Spooky Halloween day trips

Yes, autumn is here and the leaves are falling, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late for some kick-ass day trips. So grab your picnic blankets and pack into the car; here are some recommended spooky trips in and out of Portland.

Lone Fir Cemetery

It’s a classic spooky destination. Portland’s oldest cemetery, Lone Fir Cemetery, collected its first set of bones in 1846 and has continued to provide a beautiful resting place for the deceased ever since. With over 25,000 graves (10,000 of which have unknown markings), you’re bound to run into the odd wandering soul.

Check out the grave of Charity Lamb, the first woman in Oregon to be convicted of murder. Sources claim that on May 13, 1854, Lamb bludgeoned her husband on the back of his head with an axe in front of their five children while eating supper. Victim of spousal abuse or cold hearted killer? We dare you to ask her yourself.

Or take a leisurely stroll through Block 14, the field where perished Chinese immigrants were buried. Sources claim the bodies were exhumed and sent back to China, but the funds set aside to purchase proper burials were embezzled. Ultimately, the bodies were left to rot in a warehouse for a few decades. Unlikely you’ll find your average Casper here.

McMenamins White Eagle Saloon & Hotel

It’s a cozy little rock ‘n’ roll-themed hotel and saloon located in North Portland, but it’s also the home of numerous murder legends and paranormal hauntings.

According to the McMenamins website, a young prostitute by the name of Rose was murdered at the location by a jealous boyfriend. Visitors claim that the cry of a woman still echoes through the saloon. Could it be Rose, blurring the lines between this world and the next?

The website also claims that “psychics who have examined the place report a sensation of violence and death in the basement and a deep well of sadness dwelling on the second floor.”

What’s scarier than dealing with sensations of death, violence and sadness? Perhaps grappling with the bigger questions of life, such as “Why am I here,” “What is it all for” and “Am I wasting the little precious time I have left on this earth?” Ooky spooky indeed!

Battery Russell, Fort Stevens

Battery Russell is a beautiful old military base located in between Seaside and Astoria, Oregon. The base hasn’t been active since December 1944 and is now part of Fort Stevens State Park. The base has a violent history serving as a defensive line against Japanese submarine attacks during WWII.

Online user Donald from romantic-oregon-coast.com spoke of his own paranormal experience while visiting the abandoned base. He and a friend were exploring the enclosed bunkers when an uneasy feeling washed over them:

“An image flashed in my head of someone standing in there with a knife, waiting for someone to enter. And upon the flash of this image, I was knocked backwards to the ground. The image was so vivid and real … the past seemed to be speaking to us.”

Perhaps a refresher course on hand-to-ghost knife combat would be useful, or you could try your luck. Spooktacular!

Liberty Theater, Astoria

Liberty Theater was first opened in 1904 and is still open today, thanks to some serious restoration efforts. According to the internet, there is an apparition named Handsome Jack who stalks the hallways and theaters in his best duds.

In addition, they also claim that the ghost moves the soda fountains and popcorn machine around at night, perplexing employees in the morning. Other spooky phenomena include rattling door knobs, knocking on doors and other pranks.

And if you don’t see any apparitions of people from history, don’t worry. You can always go back to your hotel or mobile phone and watch the newest Batman v Superman movie. That film sure as heck haunts Ben Affleck every day. Chilling.