Student elections are here

Student elections began on Monday and will continue through 4 p.m. Wednesday. This year voters can choose their candidates online, however, the ballot is not error free, so read closely before clicking.

All students registered for one or more credits are elligible to participate. The ballots are available at Click on the student information system and log in as if you were going to register for a class. Once in the system, click on student services and financial aid.

This will give you an option to vote.

When you click that option an interactive ballot will appear. However, the ballot has errors that could cause confusion.

Each category lists the candidates. Voters can then choose to click for more information about the candidates, where candidates’ personal statements are supposed to be stored.

This feature works for the president and vice-president tickets, as well as for the senate candidates, but it breaks down from there.

The Student Fee Committee chair candidate is listed after the initial senate list, but it is labled as senate. The personal statement for the candidate, Chris Moller, does come up though.

Finally, the treasurer position is also labled as senate, and a general job description, rather than a personal statement, pops up when voters click for more information.

If students do not have Web access they can go to the student elections headquarters that are set up across from University Market on the first floor of the Smith Center.

In the headquarters, students can pick up a voter’s guide that has complete information about the candidates. ASPSU set up terminals at the headquarters for voting purposes.

Elections committee member Shaun Marks was handing out candy and encouraging students to vote on Monday. He said several students had already come by to vote by mid-afternoon on Monday.