Student senate gets serious about recycling

During a Wednesday meeting, the ASPSU student senate signed a letter addressing the PSU administration and the future sustainability coordinator, encouraging them to make swift changes in the on-campus recycling program.

The document begins by expressing concern and frustration at the current state of recycling affairs.

It goes on to list four suggestions to make PSU an environmentally sound community.

The discussion about campus recycling lasted 25 minutes, and nearly every senator played a part. Jeremy Rosenbloom, senior majoring in international studies, raised the issue and drafted the letter.

Rosenbloom sees the senate as a good place to launch his campaign against waste at PSU. He hopes that the sustainability coordinator will be able to maintain the momentum that has been building on campus. “The senate had a really positive discussion today regarding our letter. Some are more cautious about language, while others are very passionate. That is a very important part of the senate, we have people that represent different opinions and we have positive dialogue about them.

The job of sustainability coordinator has been narrowed down to three candidates. These three candidates will be open for interview and review on Nov. 13, 15 and 16. The presentations will take place from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m., and the student body is encouraged to attend. The meeting on the 13th will be at SMC 323, while the remaining two will be at SMC 331.

The sustainability coordinator will organize and facilitate all recycling efforts at PSU. According to Rosenbloom, it is a job that has been neglected for too long.

The letter written by Rosenbloom and approved by the Senate is part of an effort being made by a campus group called Students for Unity. The organization is a leader amongst campus groups in the fight to recycle. The four points which they ask to be immediately addressed are increased recycling bins in all buildings, encouragement for double-sided printing, reuse of one-sided documents and paid student positions to execute recycling programs. In addition to heading the Senate committee and drafting the letter of encouragement to the prospective Sustainability Coordinator, Rosenbloom hopes to have an ASPSU table in the South Park Blocks next week to recruit students for his recycling campaign. He also encourages any students interested in getting involved to send him an e-mail at [email protected]. Students for Unity can be reached at 503-725-8777.

Both places can give interested students or faculty a copy of the letter sponsored by the Senate. Rosenbloom finished by encouraging the Student Body to attend the interviews for the three Sustainability Finalists. “This person is going to have a major impact on the direction the school goes on the ecological map.”