Student sues PSU over new IDs

Student Edward Kill filed a small claims civil suit against Portland State in the amount of $1000 last Friday, claiming that the school, due to the implementation of a contract with Higher One, will illegally profit from his image and for "breach of contract."

Higher One is a Connecticut-based company that has taken over Portland State’s student ID card system, as well as handling all future financial aid disbursements.

"It is strictly a religious issue," Kill said. "I had to do something." A Unitarian reverend, Kill objects to having his picture taken. Before he enrolled at Portland State early this year, Kill said, he agreed to have his photo taken for a school ID only because he was assured that the photo would not leave the campus. He feels that when his photo was sent to Higher One for placement on the new ID cards, a contract was breached between him and the school.

"I really resent being dragged into this [contract with Higher One]," Kill said. "I don’t want to be a part of it."

Kill also feels that since Portland State will gain revenue from their deal with Higher One, they are illegally profiting from his image.

"My photograph is private," Kill said. "I intend to keep fighting this."