Study haunts on or near PSU campus

Where to cram in peace

It’s that time of year again. The leaves begin to fall, the air is crisp, campus fills up and homework begins to pile. Where should you escape to study in peace?

Luckily for students, Portland State and its surrounding areas are filled with quiet, undiscovered haunts perfect for studying, from on-campus to off-campus spots to late-night and daytime cafes.

Campus Haunts

Whether you commute or live on campus, cramming between classes is something everyone is and will be guilty of this year. When you’re in a study emergency, staying conveniently on campus is your best bet. You need somewhere quiet, available and close.

Branford Price Millar Library

Everyone knows the library is the place to go on campus for all of your study needs, but not everyone knows to head down to the basement. The basement holds several study nooks that completely shut out the outside world, leaving you to focus purely on that procrastinated paper. Hardly anyone heads downstairs, so you will probably have the place to yourself.

Broadway Lab/IDSC

The Integrated Digital Support Center, commonly referred to as The Broadway Lab, is between 6th and Broadway and is the place to print on campus. There is hardly ever a line and computers are always open. Broadway is fairly unknown to off-campus students, so this spot is never packed.

Free Off-Campus Haunts

Once in a while, you will feel the need to head off campus for a study session and won’t want to pay for another cup of coffee. There are lots of open and comfortable spots within walking distance from campus—great for studying or relaxing with a book.

Lobby Next to Garden Bar

On 2nd and Market, there is a Garden Bar attached to a large lobby at 100 SW Market St., near the Market Center Building. The lobby is stunning and stocked with couches, chairs, booths and a fireplace. Wi-Fi is free and outlets are everywhere. This is definitely a good off-campus spot to know about. Garden Bar also has pretty good coffee when you need a caffeine fix.

The Central Library

Dating back to 1902, the Multnomah County Library boasts gorgeous architecture and galleries and is even on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s a short walk from campus and a perfect alternative to PSU’s library, with lots of space, tables, resources and staff to help you with your academic needs.

Café Haunts

There is nothing like studying with a steaming cup of coffee or tea right beside you. If you want to stay off the beaten path when it comes to study-cafes, skip the Starbucks and try these out instead.

Phat Cart

Nestled right next to campus is Phat Cart near the food cart pod on College St. With a breakfast, lunch, dinner and drink menu, you can’t go wrong here.

Sesame Donuts

Unmatched donuts, great coffee and good people. What more could you ask for in a study spot? Sesame Donuts is a locally-owned business located on the Park Blocks near PSU. Free Wi-Fi, comfy chairs and vegan donut options make Sesame Donuts a suitable spot for everyone.

Museum Grounds and the Portland Art Museum

Museum Grounds is the café at Portland Art Museum. Not only do they make the best mocha in the city, but it’s also an undiscovered location for laptop users. Once you’re finished studying, head on into the art museum with your student pass.

Late Night Haunts

It’s late and you have a paper due at 8 a.m. the next morning. Where do you go?

Anywhere but your dorm or bed. Research shows working in your bed or bedroom hinders productivity and hurts your sleep patterns. Try Millar Library on campus or a late-night café. My favorite late night study spot is at World Cup Coffee and Tea at Powell’s City of Books.

Whichever locations you decide to make your own this academic year, make sure it fits your study style. If you are someone who needs silence to focus, libraries are a great bet. If you like a little more action around you, go café haunting. There is a perfect study spot for everyone, so go find yours.

Happy haunting!