Super Smash Bros. smashes on after 17 years

The Super Smash Bros. club at Portland State hosts weekly gaming sessions in Smith Memorial Student Union. The recognized student club brings together an eclectic group of people to connect and play a game that is over 17 years old.

The original Super Smash Bros. was released on the Nintendo 64 gaming console in 1999 and handles like a traditional fighting game, featuring characters from various Nintendo franchises from Super Mario Brothers to Legend of Zelda. Smash was originally marketed as a party game and quickly developed a competitive fan base that still plays to this day. The series has seen periodic new releases across several Nintendo consoles over the years.

“It really goes from an international scene with thousands of players, all the way down to where it really started, at the small, local level,” said Kellen McInerny, event organizer of the Super Smash Bros. club. “That’s where our club fits.”

Spencer Purcell, president of the PSU Smash club, wants the group to be a place where students can de-stress. “What I want the club to be is an opportunity for people to get together once or twice a week to help them take their minds off school or other things that might be stressful,” Purcell said. “[We provide] an open and welcoming atmosphere for anybody [who is] interested in playing Smash.”

Watch our video report by Nicolas Lee