Take your night out to a new level

Before hailing that Uber you’ve been anxiously wanting to call, first things first! Where are you going to go on this ever so alluring evening? Instead of returning to your neighborhood bar again, try out one of these tantalizing venues:

Get themey with it!

For all you Bad Wolves out there, The Fish & Chips Shop—better known as the Tardis Room—has become a go-to staple for diehard Whovians. Whether you’re looking for a companion or can’t get enough of owner Michael Shillingford’s authentic fish and chips, the Tardis Room is sure to exterminate any doubts you may have about their originality. After Shillingford realized the door to the loo looked very similar to a police box, the London native crafted his bar after the longest running television series, “Doctor Who.” Even if Matt Smith isn’t your cup of tea, the Tardis Room has plenty to offer its patrons—a pool table, finger lickin’ good food, or even a detailed explanation in scarf wrapping. But I can’t give away too many spoilers…

In the heart of sunny Portland, lies a every unique bar, The Lovecraft. Before stepping into this establishment, take a moment to think about whether or not you’re really ready for this horror-filled good time. With fog coming at you from every angle and a coffin in the corner, you may feel as though you’ve stepped onto the set of “Buffy.” They are best known for their dance nights which range in theme from punk ’80s/’90s night to dark electro. When it’s not a night to get your freak on, Lovecraft hosts burlesque shows, concerts or even tarot card readings. Things can get quickly mystified in this house of witchcraft. No khakis allowed.

Ever wanted to run off with the circus? Funhouse Lounge is your one night escape full of clowns and improv. Decked out in ’80s chic decor, Funhouse feels as though you’ve stepped into that scene in “Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas,” but with less trapeze artists…and possibly less coke. They aren’t messing around when they say no cocktails at this joint; only shots, beer and whimsical stand-up comedy.

Nerd alert:

Looking for a place to sip on some hops and fight some dragons? Guardian Games is the store for you. Although you can play throughout the warehouse, The Critical Sip offers over 100 beverages to choose from while you sip on a brewski and try to roll a crit. Guardian’s has a plethora of games to chose from, but on Wednesday nights the masters roll out in the Dungeon Room for some hardcore D&D time. Private rooms available.

Funk it up!

There’s nothing better than a room filled with sweaty people as the DJ plays your favorite oldies. At The Goodfoot, every Friday night is time for you to throw on your dancing shoes and get your funk on as they spin the sounds of Jackie Wilson, Bobby Day and many more. This small venue will pack themselves to the brim, so be sure to wear easily removable layers. The cocktails come just like the groovy beats: smooth.

Don’t be confused, The Liquor Store is not actually a liquor store. Instead, this hipster dive serves top-notch cocktails, offers a black and white photo booth, and plays silent movies. Their signature move—a personal favorite—is that your tab comes in an old time book that smells like your grandma’s house. One of the best parts about the Liquor Store is their basement space, where people can get their groove on. Ranging in music styles from house to metal, the array of sounds displayed is just about for anyone.

Whether your belting your heart out singing karaoke or shaking ya tail feather on the dance floor to musical beats ranging from folk to soul, Spare Room will make you leave your worries behind. The wannabe grandpas accompany the young at heart as they bond from the pool-hall to the dance floor. This temple of fun stands head and shoulder above dive bars in a city populated by watering holes.

There’s plenty to chose from in the City of Roses; where will your night take you?