Release your inner expositionist

Have you and your partner hit a lull in the bedroom? Are you ready to spice things up elsewhere? Here are some tips for pushing those limits!

It’s that time: your libido is pulsating, you don’t want to wait for your Uber to show up, where oh where can you go?

Have you ever wondered where you can do it on campus? Well, you can’t do it in the Park Blocks, without the fear of CPSO catching you, and all the buildings seem to be locked. Why not try the library! The half moon shaped hall of books offers a lovely array of study rooms. The rooms are only accessible by key and are surprisingly sound proof. Furnished with tables and chairs, feel free to test your flexibility in the small space. Take a break from that study grind, and try grinding out some of that tension the good old way.

It’s one of those beautiful summer nights in Portland, and you’re sweating. But not from the heat—oh no—from the need that’s coming from your fire down below. You and your honey are walking along the Waterfront and you come across one of the many underpasses that provide plenty of shadows. Why not beat one out under the many bridges of Portland? Obviously there’s the chance of a person who’s experiencing homelessness to catch you two, but let’s be honest, it’s probably not the craziest things they’ve seen in the City of Roses. Just remember, safety first!

Scattered around Portland are top of the line bathrooms that go by the name, Portland Loos. Have you ever wondered what happens in one of those bad boys? Why don’t you get in there and find out, ya stud muffin. Easily accessible from various parts around town—including the South Park Blocks—these loos are your ticket to a dirty adventure. Unless you’re looking for a third party, watch out, apparently they’re cleaned twice a day.

Where my wild things at? You’re walking through Forest Park with your bae—pulses are rising, heart rates are racing, let’s get wild! With the protection of the greenery all around you, make a bed in the leaves and bring your inner caveman/woman out of you! Or take that dog inside you for a walk around the park and use a tree as support. Nothing says intimacy like the possibility of some hikers passing by.

Let the nerd out of you and explore Oregon Museum of Science and Industry for a day. Only this tour won’t be like your average day at the museum. OMSI After Dark opens its doors to those of us 21 and over, where we are free to explore those dark nooks and crannies with booze in hand. Let the fluids run through you and release those inhibitions. You may be surprised how science and drinking can lead us to do some pretty raunchy things. March 30 marks their Soaring Science exhibit where you can shoot off water rockets. Let’s see if we can’t launch your own rocket…

Within the circumference of this city lies many deep, dark secrets just waiting to be discovered; get on out there and find the best fit for you.