Techno concert killer robot


Some people have hobbies, some people don’t. These people do – sort of.


Anonymous 1


– all you have to do is tell me about your hobbies.


Give me a ballpark time estimate.


Like ten – two minutes. TWO MINUTES!


Okay, alright, nicely done.


Do you have a hobby?




What would that be?


Computer programming.


Okay, why is that a hobby?


I do it non-professionally, not-for-profit and for my own entertainment and the entertainment of my friends.


Could you program a computer to kill somebody?


Uh – given enough time and sufficient budget, yes.


Could you make your own robot?


No, not yet. I’d need a team of uh – graduate students.


Do you think in the future people will make their own robots, like their own cyborgs or uh – as a hobby?


Y-y-yer – yer talkin’ crazy – people make their own robots, now, for fun.


Do they do stuff?


Yeah, they do, actually.


Do they make pleasure models?


Uh – they’re gettin’ there. Even right here in Portland, there’s a group of enthusiasts that get together and build robots that do various tasks – from uh – kind of like a sumo wrestling thing where they push each other out of rings, others which can navigate a maze, all the way up to solving Rubik’s Cubes.


Of course.


You put it in and run a little program and it –


(I make robot sound) BEEP BUP BE BO BOOP




Could you do “BEEP BUP BE BO BOOP"?




Anonymous 2


Hobbies? Do you like hobbies? Do you have any hobbies?




Do you know what a hobby is?


Yeah, I know what a hobby is.


Do you have any?


(shakes no)


Why not?


I don’t know.


What’s some stuff you like to do?


Go to bars, go to concerts, stuff like that.


Going to concerts is a hobby. What kind of concerts do you go to?


All kinds of different stuff.


Is that a band name?




Well, then what’s all kinds of different stuff?


Rock, hip-hop, techno, whatever.


Right. What are the performances like at a techno concert?


That would be a “rave" with a DJ.


Do you do lots of drugs at those raves? Do like ecstasy?


Not lately.


But in the past maybe?


Yeah, almost everybody does.


Would you say that’s a hobby?


No, that’s just an adjunct to the main thing that’s going on. Why am I still holding this umbrella under the cover-thing?


Is holding an umbrella under cover a hobby of yours?


No, that was just an accident. I kind of forgot I was out of the rain after being in the middle of it.


Do you think that would make a good hobby?



What would be the weirdest hobby you can think of?


I don’t know, that could go in so many different directions. What’s the weirdest hobby you can think of?


I could think of one right now and that would be collecting wet newspapers. Why would anybody do that?




You have to say ‘no’ ’cause I have to transcribe this, I can’t transcribe what you just did with your head.


That was the universal “I don’t know" shrug.


Anonymous 3


Do you have any hobbies?


I like to garden and –


(I mimic her gestures)


Yes, large hand gestures and –


I like large hand gestures.


I like watching people make fools of themselves, generally.


What’s the difference between something you like to do and something that’s a hobby?


Ya know, there could be a sophisticated clarification on this matter, but I feel like they could be the same – oh, everything’s a question.


It is a question, but I can’t think of the next one.