The ’80s ain’t dead

I am a child of the ’80s, at least in my own mind. I wore leg warmers, wanted to be a Go-Go and drank Capri Suns. However, in 1989 I was 12, so I was never at the full age to be a true fashion, music or concert connoisseur. Thus I lived vicariously through all the cool older kids I knew, which has left an impression on me.I still follow ’80s music, buying compilations and attending ’80s dance clubs whenever possible.

So needless to say, I love ’80s movies; John Hughes is a god. “Pretty in Pink,” “The Breakfast Club,” I own them all.

“Pretty in Pink” introduced me to a band called the Psychedelic Furs, who are alive and kicking. Monday night they played to a group of late 20-somethings and ’80s fans. The mods were out that night.

Thank goodness they still have it, even if their dances, hats, dark sunglasses and attitudes seem silly now. The crowd loved it. The show consisted of all the favorite hits. “Love My Way” received lots of screams and applause and “Pretty in Pink” closed the show. Some new songs graced the stage, and were not too bad, but this crowd was here for the classics they knew and loved.

The band seemed dead at first, but luckily they lightened up halfway through the set and started laughing and moving around.

I was relieved to hear familiar sounds and see a lively band. I would have been so disappointed with burnouts or total cheeseballs.

I recommend catching those beloved bands of the past while you can. And, if you are sitting there reading and saying, “Psychedelic whos?” definitely check out this band’s greatest hits. They have style, great lyrics about love and life and a tight sound.