The Space Room Lounge, Triple Nickle Pub

The Space Room Lounge
4800 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd.

The Space Room Lounge is one of Portland’s long-standing drinking establishments. Located almost to the end of Hawthorne across from Mt. Tabor Theatre, this lounge would make the rat pack feel right at home. Inside this little hideaway, you’ll find comfortable vinyl booths glowing in the dark mural of Portland, smoky atmosphere and the best Bloody Mary in Stumptown.

The dim lighting and old-school crooners on the jukebox make this one of my favorite lounges for the atmosphere. Strong drinks and hipster crowd, make it one of the popular places in Portland.

Not only has it been discovered, it has never been forgotten. The neighborhood crowd mingles with the newly initiated in an interesting blend of old and new.

It isn’t all peach schnapps and vodka. The lounge does have its drawback or inconveniences. For instance, the single stall women’s room is quaint but cramped, and the service is for the most part indifferent. Our waitperson was new and a bit unsure of herself, but pleasant.

The bartenders are experienced, however, and can make whatever your heart desires, including one of their infamous Bloody Marys. Served in a fishbowl glass with a big stalk of celery, this spicy concoction will knock your socks off for only $4.75.

If hard liquor is not your style you can order a beer, but don’t expect to have the usual Portland variety of microbrews available. They do, however, have Budweizer in a bottle.

The Triple Nickel Pub
3646 S.E. Belmont Street
(503) 234-7215

The Triple Nickel is a feature of the Belmont neighborhood. As a glorified neighborhood rec room, The Triple Nickel draws patrons to come and hang out. If you are looking to meet Mr. Right, or Ms. Rightnow, this probably isn’t the place. But if you want a nice, comfortable bar to while away some time, then this is it. The service is great. The staff is nice. One of the bartenders, Chris, a friendly brunette, made me a great White Russian for $4.50. The other woman behind the bar could have passed for Helen Hunt’s younger sister.

The large open bar, filled with pool tables and tables for seating is especially comfortable for large groups of friends. There is plenty of room to mingle, talk, sit, play pool and just hang out. This old-fashioned, laid-back atmosphere lends itself to pondering the mysteries of life with your pool partner or at least working on your game. The bathrooms are the average tavern restrooms. The Triple Nickel is centrally located for most Hawthorne/Belmont dwellers and accessible on bus route #15.