The Walkmen: too cool for summer clothes

I hate show reviews. The show’s over. You either went or you didn’t. If you went, you probably aren’t reading this and if you are, it is strictly to check for accuracy. If you didn’t go, too bad, you missed it.

Wednesday night’s Walkmen show at Berbati’s was hot shit. It was like a hundred degrees in there. But that’s not the point. The Walkmen were on it, combining old with new and engaging with their instruments while stroking their audience.

They ripped through their first album, threw in some Bows and Arrows and left the stage. The encore included a Jonathan Richman cover that was well worth the wait, lilting and challenging and pretty.

As a testament to how good the show was, I can’t remember the song list, but I can tell you that Hamilton Leithauser never took his coat off even though it was the sweatiest Berbati’s ever. The Walkmen are way too cool for summer clothes.