Things to do before the world ends

Friday, Sept. 28: Arlo, New End Original, John Vanderslice and The Standard (see story).

Show up early to catch Portland rockers The Standard, but stick around for the brilliant and witty songs of John Vanderslice. Maybe for his Northwest shows he’ll even play “Bill Gates Must Die.” New End Original and headliner Arlo shouldn’t disappoint either. 21+ Blackbird: 503-282-9949. 21+.

Police Accountability Campaign Benefit
Aside from being for a great cause, this show will be informative and entertaining. Jaragua describes themselves as Central American Protest Music, Sister Caravan is a tribal troupe and Turiya Autry & Mike Crenshaw’s conscious words should inspire to action. Hosted by one-man show Radix. Mt. Tabor Pub, 503-238-1646. Info: 503-287-2255.

Unwound, Chokebore, Polar Goldie Cats
Olympia’s Unwound has been rocking since I was in high school. I liked the loud intensity then, and when Unwound plays, if they’re as tight as they usually are, I like it now too. B Complex: 503-235-4424.

Saturday Sept. 29
I would put on my Cannibal Corps T-shirt and go hit the RATT show featuring Hell’s Belles an all female tribute to ACDC at the Crystal. Damn, Hell’s Belles is the sweetest name for a band. Why can’t I think of cool stuff like that? Crystal Ballroom. 503-225-5555 x8811.

Sunday Sept. 30
Go rent a movie from the Vanguard video picks (every Friday) and do a little recovering. Don’t forget to call mom, and not just for more money, but just to say hello.

Scared of Chaka, Made For TV Movie, Heart Beats Red, Turn Me Loose
As good a rock line up as you could ask for. Turn Me Loose melodic punk gets loose and loud and doesn’t shy away from a guitar solo or too. Made For TV Movie’s intense and tight mid-tempo songs move and most importantly groove, they were one of the best bands at last weeks Music Fest. Scared Of Chaka’s high-energy pop punk comes with the bonus of relevant lyrics, if you can here them as they fly by.

Monday Oct. 1
Back to school, last minute homework, recover for Tuesday.

Tuesday Oct. 2
KPSU 1450 AM College radio night featuring Blue Skies For Black Hearts, The Lawn and Minmae
Three sweet indy pop/rock bands and a benefit for Portland State’s radio station to boot! Portland’s Blue Skies For Black Hearts play a rare show to celebrate the release of their new CD This Black Heart’s Gonna Break. The full-length disc balances love, loss, blue skies and those oh-so black and broken hearts. Songwriter Pat Kearns also runs a local recording studio so the production is crisp and tight. The Lawn and Minmae, two up and coming local bands, will bring more hooks and melodies to the stage. Ash Street Saloon 503-226-0430.

Wednesday Oct. 3: Southern Culture On The Skids, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club
Jello Biafra called Slim Cessna’s Auto Club “The country band that plays the bar at the end of he world.” Don’t be scared of the word country though, they rock with a punk spirit and write whiskified, witty songs.
Crystal Ballroom 503-225-5555 x8811.