Things to take advantage of while you’re still a student

If you’re graduating this term, chances are you’re counting down the days until you don your cap and gown, burn (or preferably recycle) your notes, and leave campus for good. If you’re living on campus, it might be coming sooner than you think: According to the University Housing and Residence Life website, move-out day is June 16, 2018, the same day as many commencement activities. You can get a one-day extension if you really need to, but aren’t you stoked for the renter’s life?

But before you have to GTFO, here are a few perks of being a card-carrying student you should take advantage of while you’re still at PSU. Here are things you should do and places you should go, both on and off campus, that are either free, offer student discounts or are simply just part of the college experience.

Academic Student and Recreation Center

For some, this may seem obvious, but others might not have taken the time to fully explore all the opportunities the Rec Center has to offer for the $44 Rec Center fee you pay each term. If you’re looking for a basic workout, they have over 180 pieces of weight and cardio equipment, as well as an indoor track.

Looking for a more interesting way to exercise? Try rock climbing or bouldering on the rock walls, swimming in the heated six-lane pool or stopping by for a drop-in team sport. They also offer an array of drop-in group fitness classes for all abilities, like cycling, yoga and water aerobics. And don’t forget about the hot tub! According to a Rec Center representative, you’ll only have access to the gym until June 25, so take advantage of it while you can.

Public transportation

The Portland Streetcar is free for students with their PSU ID, which means you don’t have to pay for gas or fare, worry about parking or experience road rage. Visit Powell’s Bookstore, then head to the Pearl District. Take a nap and wake up at OMSI. The possibilities are endless.

If you bought a TriMet Student FlexPass, make the most of it by hopping on the MAX or a bus to travel farther than you can on the Streetcar. This student pass costs 40 percent less than the standard TriMet monthly pass, so definitely take as many trips as you can before the end of the term.

Branford Price Millar Library

Maybe returning to the library doesn’t sound particularly fun, but PSU’s library has some amazing resources to take advantage of beyond just renting books. They have a large collection of research databases like PsycINFO, PubMed and BioOne that offer thousands of journal articles that otherwise require payment. They also provide links to stream movies, documentaries and music. During finals week, the library will be open 24/7, so if you have ever wanted to hang out in a library at 2 a.m., this is your chance. Maybe you can spend the extra time using your printing credits.

Graduates can continue using all library services including rentals through summer 2018 and into the fall. The ability for grads to rent library materials will officially expire on Oct. 20, but the library is open to the public, and through the Oregon Libraries Passport Program you’re allowed to borrow up to five books for three weeks with one renewal.

Center for Student Health and Counseling (SHAC)

You can receive free or low-cost health and dental services and speak to a counselor during walk-in hours. Next, book an appointment for the Mind Spa, located on the third floor of the University Center Building. This gives you free access to Light Therapy, a massage therapy chair, and Biofeedback tools – everything you need to stop stressing about the post-graduation future for a moment. If you’re still not fully blissed out, why not end the day with a follow-up visit to the Rec Center’s hot tub?

The Cheerful Tortoise and Blazers

While there aren’t any student discounts here per se, The Cheerful Tortoise is one of those places you should probably go to at least once while you’re at PSU. This on-campus sports bar is almost as old as the college itself, and offers a full bar, food, karaoke and various specials throughout the week (Thursdays feature $1 beer—adjust your itinerary accordingly).

If the Blazers are playing, use your student status to see them at a discounted price! With your student email, you can sign up for the Blazers Student Pass, which gives you access to cheap last-minute tickets if they are available.

Hot Lips, PAM and movies

Need some cheap weekend activities? First, get lunch at Hot Lips Pizza. They offer a slice of pizza for $2.50 with your student ID. Then, go check out the Portland Art Museum and buy yourself an annual pass for college students. It’s a one-time cost of $20, which means for the price of a single admission, you can come back for free every day for the rest of the year.

If you’re in the mood for a movie, see what’s playing at 5th Avenue Cinema, an on-campus, student-run theater that shows films that you won’t find in regular theaters. Admission and popcorn are free for PSU students! If indie films aren’t your cup of tea, make a trip to Cinemagic Theater on Hawthorne, where students get a $2 discount for all movies.

Get outside

Get outside today with the help of PSU’s Outdoor Program, which offers discounted trips and equipment rental. If you’re going camping, rent a tent for up to four days for only $10. Need snowshoes? $9. They have great prices on everything from ice axes to paddle boards—truly anything you would need for one last adventure before graduation.