This week’s schluppp

The Strokes

Room On Fire

Every vintage clothing store and rock ‘n’ roll barbershop in town should cut The Strokes a check. Let’s call them The White Belts. What do you tell a friend, a grown man, who emulates every aspect of these fools’ borrowed fame?

Pointy Boots? Check. Hair? Check. All-denim Mexican tuxedo? Double check. And if The Strokes get a cut of that check, then some of that money should be going to Iggy Pop, The Velvet Underground, and, now The Cars. Oh, who gives a shit, they write a good song.


Explosions in the Sky

The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place

This is a fine instrumental band. Just like a fine instrumental band, Explosions play long, sweeping epics that build with layered guitars and subtle background beats until their watery ripple is suddenly a tsunami of sound crashing down on your ear hole. It’s murder. If the Earth is not a cold, dead place, why then is this album so chilly? Frigid like penguin bones.


Speakerboxxx / The Love Below – split LP

The Onion ran the headline “Outkast Universally Accepted” with a photo of Big Boi and Andre chillin’ with Jay Leno a couple weeks ago. Why is that so true? These cats have a broader fan base than Clinton. Of course, The Onion was prodding mainstream America’s non-fear of Outkast’s non-gansta image. Andre doesn’t look very hard wearing a plaid suit and yellow tie, standing below the Eiffel Tower in front of an Aston Martin. People eat it up.


“Hey Ya!” is already the biggest hit of the year (sorry, Miss Jackson). I bet you’ll hear that shit at Nordstrom’s by Christmas. Half the songs are throwaways, but what’s good here is great. I sort of feel for Big Boi, because Andre’s The Love Below is what’s really selling this double album.