Vikings offense drops the ball

In Saturday’s game against the Montana State Bobcats, Portland State football’s offense gave one of its most disappointing performances ever.

“I’m feeling pretty disappointed right about now,” quarterback Joe Wiser said after the Montana game. “We set a lot of high expectations for ourselves in the first week of daily doubles, and to see those expectations slowly fade away is disappointing. Especially when the season is over and you look back on it and see that you could have done a lot better than what you did. Losing is the most disappointing thing in the world.”

Wiser had much cause for disappointment in this week’s game, as well as the season. Throwing for as few as 96 yards against Montana, he watched his 250-yard passing average shrink down to 227 in a matter of three hours. With only 16 yards rushing against the Bobcats, Portland State’s offense could not compete with Montana State’s number-one pass defense.

Unappreciated defense

Although you would not have known it by the 25-14 loss, the only thing that kept the Viking team in the game against Montana State was the unyielding effort of its defense.

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“Our defense …WOW” said head coach Tim Walsh. “They played well. I mean, that was a tremendous performance by a group of people. I told the team that I was so prowd of them. Our guys, I thought overall, battled extremely well. They were playing for all the right reasons, for the love of the game.”

The Vikings’ defense claimed five sacks and 10 tackles. Joey King led the team with eight tackles and has managed 93 tackles on the season, while Chris Berg and Gary Torre each had two tackles for loss.

Although the Bobcats had almost 32 minutes of possession time, the Viking defense held them to a total of only 264 offensive yards. All in all, Portland State’s defense played one of its most applaudable games of this season. It’s just too bad their efforts were not put to use by the Vikings offense.