Vinted app lets you take reselling into your own hands

As the christening into adult life seems to make us well aware, money is important. There’s rent, perhaps a mortgage, car payments, insurance, phone bills, credit cards and plenty more where that came from. Bills. Add being a student into the mix and the costs associated with that, and it’s amazing that there aren’t more meltdowns on college campuses worldwide.

If you need to make a little money, or for those of us who like to shop but lack the appropriate funds and time to do so, there’s this great new option in the form of an app. The app world has brought all sorts of awesome things to our fingertips, and now there’s a way to make some money and get some new clothes.

The app is called Vinted. On Vinted you can take photos of clothing items, upload them to the app, and sell or trade them with
other members.

Remember that super nice dress grandma got you last Christmas because she thought you would look oh-so-sophisticated? That dress that you haven’t taken off the hanger since you placed it there? Curses, grandma, for always losing track of the receipts and having such bad taste. Vinted is a way to turn that overpriced outfit into rent money, or at least something you’ll actually wear.

After reviewing the safety and selling terms, the app guarantees that there will be no actual monies deposited to the seller’s account until the confirmation of the receiving of the items purchased. They take the money and hold it. So you don’t have to worry that you will get ripped off on either end.

As a bonus, they have clothing and accessories for both genders, and it’s not like selling to a recycled fashion boutique. You can sell whatever you want at your own price and you’re doing business for yourself, not selling to a store to sell it to someone else. So there’s a better chance to make actual money and get rid of some of the things clogging your room.

Vinted offers a promising opportunity to make a little more dough and get your business mind working. If you can sell the excess in your closet, imagine the excess you could help friends and family rid themselves of, for a small percentage.

With the holidays rapidly approaching and somehow textbook buyback not approaching so rapidly, extra cash is useful.