Wash up, lace up your dunks and go see some art.

Tour the Portland Art Museum for free

Thanks to Fred Meyer you can still visit the Portland Art Museum and its new contemporary wing for free until Oct. 16. Finally the Greenberg Collection has a permanent home, and seeing works by Marcel Duchamp and Kiki Smith in our very own city is pretty exciting. Avoid the elevator at all costs, however. No matter how beautiful that exterior pleat is, the giant metal box within is a very slow ride.


A big show at a small place

Alicia Justus has a creepy, beautiful show of small, esoterically anatomical paintings and baroque-collaged dioramas at Reading Frenzy through October. The dioramas are very entertaining but their fullness in the already over-stimulating shop can be overwhelming, so be patient and give each piece time.

The art some find iconic

Tom Cramer gets a retrospective of sorts for the next two months at the Mark Woolley Gallery. See how this iconic Portland artist has evolved in the last 30 years and marvel at the fact that anyone cares.


On the rack

Gallery 500 has a show of cutting-edge fashion and art with works from those amazing women at Seaplane, Joshua Buck and Yahroe Hill among others. Come see what designers’ work looks like when it’s not off-the-rack. Featuring pieces that could probably only be pulled off by the likes of Gallery 500-ist Justin Oswald, anyhow.