We don’t need your civil war, George

Last week, a fellow named George came to town, and he made quite a fuss. He spoke out against freedom, and declared war on his own people. He’s only the president. We can’t expect him to be intelligent. But we can expect him to be accountable for what he says. It’s probable that GW has since forgotten about his exploits in Portland. But I haven’t.

On that Saturday, PSU student Dylan Wright was walking a friend’s dog in Northeast Portland. He was startled by a cacophony of dull thumps that seemed to rain down from the sky like jagged hailstones. He looked up to find a flying war tank posing as a protective measure: a federal helicopter with an offensively large gun in front. As it passed, Dylan felt his civil rights go with it. “I thought this was a free and open country,” Wright said, “I find it oppressive to have gun ships flying through residential areas. And all of this to protect a president that half of our country actively loathes.”

A few miles away from Dylan, an attempt to stifle a protest was being made. Police pushed protesters as far away from GW as they could. But they hadn’t forgotten their right to a peaceful protest. They resumed their chants for peace, and voiced their disapproval of the puppet we call Pres, for everything from economic to foreign policy.

Before he could think, GW spoke out against his citizens, exclaiming, “If you’re not with us, with the war efforts, then you’re against us.” He even went as far as to make a remark comparing the protesters to terrorists. His demeanor in making those statements was so-matter-of-fact, it was eerie. What’s worse is that people cheered in support of his sentiments. It is amazing how far some people will go to oppose peace. What has become painfully apparent is that those who support so blindly are most often those who refuse to research their sentiments. Instead, people rely on corporate media.

In the same speech, the president went on to discuss taxes. “Over my dead body,” he said. “I won’t let those democrats … ,” he said. Violence, violence, violence. He uses the same language to discuss terrorism as he does politics. And there seems to be no room for compromise. I think it’s because he smells the oil. What he can’t smell is the futility of his war campaign. As he lobbies for support and votes this week, innocent people continue to die. I can’t take that as a mere matter of fact.

Somehow, the resolve of this country has been translated into a bloodbath. And the administration continues to keep us in the dark. We’re left speculating and listening to officials talk around questions, instead of telling the truth. It’s possible that they just don’t know. But comparing protestors to terrorists is not an answer. Neither is pitting the people of this country against one another. Nor is flying gun-toting choppers through a residential neighborhood on Saturday morning. There’s a better way GW; we don’t need your civil war.