Welcome to the Night Out Guide 2016

Welcome to the Vanguard’s Night Out Guide 2016–a how-to blueprint for making the most of Portland’s nightlife. After you’ve wrapped up your last final exam, it’s time toss those textbooks aside and get busy planning your spring break shenanigans.

In the following pages you’ll find a list of tunes to get your pre-game pumped up just right, lifehacks for getting ready, self-defense skills to stay safe at night, tips for young parents getting out of the house, places to take your MILF to meet her perfect DILF, viewpoints to get an expansive look at Portland’s unmatched scenery, discreet outdoor places to get freak on, where to go after the bars close, and pointers for surviving the morning after an epic night out.

Take a load off, read on and let the Vanguard usher you into an unforgettable night out in Portland, Oregon.