Yes on Measure 97: Vote for a better Oregon

We are here at Portland State University to make our lives better, to learn about others, and to put ourselves on track for a promising future. Come Nov. 8, we have a chance to do that for ourselves and for thousands of Oregonians and families across the state.

Measure 97 is a once-in-a-generation chance to give our students the schools they deserve, provide affordable and accessible healthcare to thousands of Oregonians, and ensure our seniors retire with dignity after a lifetime of working. Today, Oregon has the third lowest graduation rate in the country—74 percent—the third largest average class size, and one of the shortest school years in the country. We must do better.

Oregon is 50th in the nation, dead-last, in corporate taxes.

Measure 97 fixes that.

Measure 97 will only affect C-corporations that make over $25 million in Oregon sales, and the tax will only kick in after the first $25 million is made. It will only impact less than 1 percent of the businesses in Oregon. The current corporate minimum tax is a mere $30,000 for the first $25 million in sales, which doesn’t change under Measure 99, but the large and mostly out-of-state corporations that do business in Oregon will begin to pay their fair share.

The revenue generated from Measure 97 will be additional money that goes to early, K-12 public education, health care and senior services, on top of the 78 percent of the state budget that is currently being allocated to these essential services.

The TV ads and mailers you’ve seen are being paid for with $26 million in corporate money—a new Oregon record. Corporations like Walmart, Wells Fargo, and Comcast are lying and deceiving you: You’re smarter than that.

PSU tuition alone increased by 4.2 percent over the last year. If Measure 97 doesn’t pass, the state is facing a potential $1.4 billion dollar shortfall, and you can expect student services to be cut or a double-digit percentage increase in tuition. This measure impacts us directly. The race is neck and neck and our votes this week will determine the election.

You know how important this November 8th election is. You know that what we do as a student movement and as a generation of people for the next two days will determine the future of this state for the next two decades.

Be a part of history. Let’s help create a better Oregon. Vote Yes on Measure 97!

Amber M Hastings
ASPSU Chief of Staff
Russian Language Major

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