Let’s make a TOAST to the best spirits in Oregon!

For the sixth time, The Original Artisan Spirits Tasting—aka TOAST—was hosted by the Oregon Distillery Guild on February 27.

The event served all the spirits even liqueurs and unique spirits like Absinthe and Aquavit. President of the Oregon Distillery Guild, Ted Pappas, explained that back in 2010, TOAST was one of the first tasting events that didn’t just focus on wine and beer.

“It was our way of putting on a spirits event where we really focused on just spirits. Most of them were beer and wine,” Pappas said. “So at the time we thought, ‘hey let’s do one that’s specific towards spirits’ and since then there has been a bunch that has blossomed out of it.”

Pappas explained that TOAST also gave the public a chance to interact personally with the distilleries and try spirits that were made by the employees themselves.

A lot of the distilleries brought spirits that they normally only sell in their tasting rooms. So at the event, attendees had the opportunity to taste those drinks that they may not have be able to try elsewhere.

In addition to the spirits, TOAST served food from five different restaurants: Bellino, Lechon, Pok Pok, Smallwares, and Swank & Swine. There was also a bar filled with beer, cocktails, drinking vinegar and three non-alcoholic beverages.

“We design this event to really come and enjoy the spirits, taste great food, and have a cocktail and hang out with your friends.” Pappas said. “We really try to give that user experience, so they can fully understand what’s going on in the Northwest, as far as spirits go and really have a chance to talk to the people that actually made it.”