You Can Be Anything!

Amy is adopted.

Her real parents didn’t want her so

They gave her away to live with strangers.

Are you a good girl?!

The new anti-inspirational guide to adulthood, “You Can be Anything,” the new “anti-inspirational guide to adulthood” written by Sarah Montague is all about the things that nobody wants to say out loud. These are some of the deepest darkest fears that sneak into a person’s mind on the bus from school to part-time job. When they daydream about what kind of people they aspire to be and the reality of what kind of people they actually are sneaks in and ruins the whole thing

This cute little book with stick figure drawings and childlike handwriting is the opposite of wondrous children’s books like “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” It comically reminds us that if we don’t watch it we may end up like “Ian the Inmate” or “Ursula the Undesirable.” It is a great book for the unabashedly jaded types who aren’t afraid to laugh at the sometimes grim realities of life.