ASPSU senate do-over meeting largely a repeat performance

The budget for Portland State’s student groups came down to the wire Wednesday night as the student government senate voted to pass an updated budget to fund groups and programs next fiscal year, just five days before it was due to the university president for approval.

SFC meetings stand

A potential budget disaster was averted Tuesday night as the Associated Student of Portland State University’s judicial board decided not to invalidate meetings of the student fee committee, even though it found that the SFC had not complied with the public notice requirements of Oregon’s Public Meetings Law.

SFC meetings under scrutiny

Portland State student government’s judicial board is asking the Associated Students of Portland State University’s student fee committee to provide evidence that meetings they held over the last year complied with Oregon’s Public Meeting Law and the ASPSU constitution.

Senate meeting scrapped

Portland State’s already contentious budget process became more complicated Friday after the PSU student government judicial board invalidated Wednesday’s Associated Students of Portland State University student senate meeting.

SFC budget ax poised

Because of declining enrollment, a flat student fee and the creation of new fee-funded services and programs such as a Veterans Resource Center, the Student Fee Committee chose to decrease funding nearly across the board. Student leaders, such as publications editors and managers, will see dramatic pay cuts during the 2013-14 academic year.

Salem eyes tuition equity

Support is growing in Salem for tuition equity, an idea that would, for the first time in Oregon, grant access to in-state tuition to undocumented high school graduates who meet certain requirements.

End nears for SFC deliberations

Last week saw a final push as many student groups fought to secure funding for next year and the appeals process of the Associated Students of Portland State University’s student fee committee wrapped up.

A budgeting breakdown

Buried within the “enrollment fees” on every Portland State student’s bills each quarter is $216 (for a 12-credit student) in “incidental fees,” which might sound like something Ticketmaster tacks on right before checkout just because they can.

Turnover plagues ASPSU

Since convening in June, nearly half of the positions in the inner circle of Portland State’s student government have been through a turnover, part of an ongoing retention problem that has bred uncertainty within the organization.

Brew away winter weather

From the Iran hostage crisis to long lines for gas to inflation, the presidency of Jimmy Carter is not always remembered in the most positive light. Oregon culture, however, might not have been the same without his signature on a 1978 bill legalizing the home-brewing of beer for the first time since Prohibition.