You Missed It: GWAR tortures “Justin Bieber” on stage

Last time GWAR was in Portland they chopped off President Barack Obama’s head. This time they disemboweled Justin Beiber and ripped off his legs. Gwar. I can’t believe I waited until I was 32 years old to see them live.

I liked their videos when I was a kid, but I hated their music. I was more into death metal and thrash. My best friend has tried to convince me to go see GWAR since the 1990s, and I finally went this week.

I don’t know if GWAR and Green Jellÿ have ever toured together, but they really should. That was my first thought. Green Jellÿ and GWAR: The doubleheader that made people’s eyeballs explode in their sockets!

It would be even better nowadays, because GWAR’s music is thrashier than what I remember. I’ve recently discovered their latest album, Battle Maximus, and their 2004 release, War Party. Both are heavy and hilarious.

I saw Green Jellÿ once at Slabtown, when the they let the entire crowd get on stage. They gave out costumes and puppets to the fans who were spilling off stage and screaming lyrics. I got to be Elmo and wore this huge, heavy mask, and I later got hold of one of the pigs from their hit song, “Three Little Pigs.”

All that, combined with GWAR’s dismemberment performance art of soaking the audience with blood, would make for a killer show. Are you listening, guys?! Yeah, make it happen, Metal Blade.

Even if they don’t play with Green Jellÿ, I’m never missing a GWAR show again for the rest of my life! Where else can you get doused in decapitated pope’s blood by a bunch of hideous “chaos warriors“?

If you didn’t see their recent show at The Roseland Theater on Oct. 15, here’s some clips of “Crack The Egg,” “Bring Back The Bomb” and “They Swallowed The Sun”: