Paid sick time’s up

Paid sick leave is now available to all Portland State employees, including students and part-timers. The newly-passed Oregon law activated on Jan. 1. Eligible employees will accrue one hour of…

Kookiest campus crimes of 2015

Being an urban campus lends itself to an array of unique encounters. Crimes on campus are often just as unpredictable as Portland weather. Here’s a list of this year’s wildcards….

#DisarmPSU rallies in park blocks

Demonstrators opposed armed campus officers at a #DisarmPSU rally in the Park Blocks at Portland State this Wednesday. PSU Student Union and Demilitarize PSU led the assembly at 1:30 p.m….

Sweet study spots

Avoid typical cafeteria studying and get access to presentation recorders and cityscapes with this list of homework hubs for both groups and individuals. You might even wanna pack your favorite…

Graffiti costs add up

Graffiti cover-up and repairs costs Portland State thousands of dollars per year. Aside from painting over graffiti, maintenance staff also patch walls and repair damaged areas on campus. Labor adds…