Your movie forecast

As a young girl in southern Belgium after World War II, I was introduced to Hollywood cinema at my small village’s community theatre. At the time, the European film industry had been completely decimated and we Belgians loved the Hollywood movie. Me, a young girl, with nothing to do, born to a father who had an unnatural love of French pastries, and a mother who sold broken radio transistors to Turkish immigrants at the march퀌� on Sundays, I realized my true calling at an early age, being so lucky. I realized I could see ahead, the future I could see, not for all, but only in Hollywood movies. The ending became so clear to me, even before it happened. I now bring my talent to you as to be for your help in selecting your movie-going pleasures.

For this week, your movie psychic, Madame Beignet de la Mort, wishes to direct your attention to the new project of the Jack Black, which is called the “School of Rock.” You, as you know, are familiar with the Monsieur Black from his hilarious faux rock band, the Tenacious D, and his appearances in numerous other movies where he has appeared. As you know, the Monsieur Black and all love him so, especially the children, you may find it unfortunate that in the year 2005 his career will come to an end after it is made public a very horrible accident that does involve a blender and a lamb, but this is not for a while and I all hope that you will enjoy the School of Rock movie, because it is very enjoyable. You may watch the Monsieur Black as he will play the guitar for a long time and he will jump himself into an audience of a rock-and-roll concert arena club. After he becomes fired from his band of rock-and-rollers he will then become a schoolteacher, who plays the guitar for also a long time and will then teacher the children to play the guitar for a long time and also he will teach them how to break things that are rock-and-roll and he will teach them how to then act like a star of a rock-and-roll band. What he wants to do is enlist a child who plays the guitar much better than most children to play the guitar with him, so that they may enter a rock-and-roll contest of the battle of the rock-and-roll bands which will then prove which band is the most best. But as you may have guessed, this of course may have been encountered by problems.

Your movie forecast for the “School of Rock”:
ROMANCE: Monsieur Black’s girlfriend is played by Mademoiselle Sarah Silverman, and she is being played as not funny or amused by Monsieur Black, and she will break up with him because he has no money and is also no longer in a rock-and-roll band, but she will then again fall in love with Monsieur Black at the end of the movie because he looks so attractive teaching and encouraging children to play the rock-and-roll.

CONFLICT: Monsieur Black’s main opponent of fun in this movie is Mademoiselle Joan Cusack, the handsome sister of the great American actor John Cusack. Mademoiselle Cusack plays a principal of an elite school where Monsieur Black comes to teach the children rock-and-roll, but of course, she does not want the Monsieur Black to teach the children rock-and-roll, but instead teach them of arithmetic and constructions of grammar. She seems maybe not fun, but she really wants to be wild and at the end of the movie, she is becoming more fun because of Monsieur Black having fun with the children and she comes to like the Monsieur Black because he is nice and so wild.

CONCLUSION: Monsieur Black likes to have fun and to rock-and-roll all of the time. But he learns lessons in this particular movie: there are other things important in life, but rock-and-roll is totally still fun. While at the start of the movie he wants to win this battle of the bands and become a big rock-and-roller with a lot of money and fun, he has a change of heart and he helps the children win the battle of the bands and everyone is happy. He then does a rock-and-roll-performance with the children and he decided to become a music teacher at the elementary school, so the fun will never stop.