16 things you probably won’t go to

16 things you probably won’t go to

Black Heritage Month 2004

Reed College, Cooley Gallery

Currently Underway



Reed brings the art of Whitfield Lovell, damali ayo and others to Portland in celebration of Black Heritage Month.

Friday, Feb. 6

“Yemaya’s Belly”

El Centro Milagro

525 S.E. Stark


“Yemaya’s Belly” is a surrealistic tale about reality, myth and the self-discovery of a boy named Jesus, who is played by a super hot actor.

Iommi Stubbs, Yob, Shamelady

Twilight Caf퀌�


Super-heavy rock gods of Eugene Yob team up with more heaviness courtesy of Portlanders Iommi Stubbs and Shamelady. Their leaden majesty is definitely worth partaking of.

Gomez, Leona Naess

Aladdin Theater

7 p.m.

$16.50, $18 door

Gomez is one of those bands whose name I have heard a million times, yet I have yet to hear them or meet anyone who is into them. They play indie pop (according to their website) and wear vintage t-shirts. Really, if you’re going out tonight, go see Yob.

Low, The Grails (ex-laurel canyon)


8 p.m.

$13/$15 door, 21+

Somber, evocative instrumentals juxtaposing violin, guitar, piano, and drums are the trademark of The Grails. With them are Low, who describe themselves as “Joy Division meets Simon and Garfunkel.” This is the concert you should go to if you don’t like heavy music and you aren’t at the Yob show.

The Jealous Sound, Audio Learning Center, Oliver


8:30 p.m.


Audio Learning Center brings Christopher Brady of Pond together with Steven Birch of Sprinkler. Pond was great. Sprinkler was great. So Audio Learning Center should hopefully have some greatness in there as well.

Doernbecker Benefit w/ Aftertaste, Spare Lead, Third Man Out, Standard Issue

Meow Meow

7:30 p.m.


Last time I heard Spare Lead, I was in high school and so were they. Honestly, they’re pretty good, as far as fast poppy punk hardcoreish music, or whatever you call it, goes, but to me they will always be a part of a profoundly unpleasant time in my life. As such, I can only recommend them if you don’t want to see Yob.

Leftover Salmon

Crystal Ballroom

Feb. 6 and 7, 8 p.m.

$15/$18 door

A jammy-fusion style band with tendencies toward bluegrass, folk, jazz and a really, really stupid name.


Berbati’s Pan

$12.50/$15 door, 21+

This band’s been listening to its share of Tim Buckley, who is good, so you might want to check them out.

Saturday, Feb. 7

TSOL, Thought Riot, Red Tape

Ash Street Saloon

8:30 p.m.

Out of the ashes of the ’80s rises TSOL, with the same anti-establishment message that was the trademark of the punk of the time. This time, however, it’s not Reagan.

Dear Whoever CD Release, Ever We Fall, The Empty, The Clarity Process

Meow Meow

8 p.m.


A CD release party for a band I’ve never heard of, with some guests I’ve never heard of. Maybe I’m missing out, or maybe these bands suck and I’m not at all. Although it’s unfair to judge a band by its name, these bands all sound like a bunch of whiners.

Herkemer, Everyday Victory

Twilight Caf퀌�


Everything I could find out about either of these bands mentioned intensity. So I would imagine that they’re intense.


Paris Theater


A Jesus band, if I’m not mistaken.

Sunday, Feb. 8

Lynyrd Skynyrd, The New Iberians

Roseland Theater

7 p.m.

$39.50, 21+

Ah, Lynyrd Skynyrd. Once cool, now a bloated carcass churning out ridiculous patriotic ditties and peddling their corpulent name for sustenance. Don’t go to their show. Don’t give them money. Just listen to your old Skynyrd albums and pretend that they aren’t around anymore.

Mr. T Experience

Meow Meow

9 p.m.


Seminal pop-punkers bring their act to the Meow Meow, where they will no doubt be received with open arms by an adoring crowd. At least these guys were pioneers of their genre. You have to respect them for that.

Tuesday, Feb. 10


Aladdin Theater

7 p.m.

$13.50/$15 door

Bad, bad music by a bad, cookie-cutter teen anthem band. Bad.

-The Calendar Boy