Adjunct professor contract in process

A flier on campus left some people with the impression that contract negotiations were still continuing between adjunct faculty and the administration last week.

However, as reported in the Vanguard January 23, the contract has been settled and will soon be signed. The proposed contract will remain binding until 2005, when it will be renegotiated.

Brooke Jacobson, president of the adjunct union, said the flier was created prior to settlement on the contract.

“It was to inform the students,” Jacobson said. She said the language of the new contract is in preparation in the office of Mike Driscoll, vice provost for academic personnel and budget. When it is completed and approved by all parties concerned, it will be signed.

The flier contrasted the contract conditions faced by the 1,000-plus faculty members covered by the Association of University Professors with the status of the 600+ adjuncts covered by the PSU Faculty Association. It covered the disparities in such matters as income, health insurance, contract length, research and job security.

The adjunct union is affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers.