Alcohol in abundance

All you youngsters who aren’t so young, all you 21-and-uppers that is, are probably wondering where you can go for that between-class fix. Yes, let’s hear it for alcohol, our much-maligned friend.

A wire story that appeared last year in the Vanguard quoted students and cited statistics that pointed to a decrease in alcohol use on college campuses nationwide. Is alcohol really no longer with it? I’m not so sure.

I mean, eat all the Ecstasy you want, but isn’t alcohol what made college cool? A little booze down the gullet does not equal “Animal House,” right? Anyway here’s a short rundown on the nearest places to knock ’em down.

Ione Plaza Cafe (Second Act)
1717 S.W. Park (at Ione Plaza)
Nothing can be said in favor of their campy, orange booths and matching chairs; it is not this writer’s job to romanticize a dive.

The Cheerful Tortoise

1939 S.W. Sixth

This place has everything you need, and the grub can be cheap. It is a sports bar though, so don’t expect much diversity with respect to gender or thought

Sixth Avenue Deli & Market.
Sixth and College

This unlikely hangout features one-dollar cups of domestic beer, fifty cents on Friday and Saturday. You want atmosphere? Go home.

Jasmine Tree
401 S.W. Harrison

This Tiki-themed Chinese restaurant has cheap liquor and bottled beer and also hosts the occasional punk show. Did I mention that it’s not my job to romanticize dives?

Candlelight Cafe and Bar
2032 S.W. Fifth

I once heard someone say to bring a baseball bat along if you’re going to the Candlelight. I don’t know about that; it’s only a blues bar.

McMenamins Market Street Pub
1526 S.W. 10th Ave

This member of the McMenamins’ empire of casual restaurants, bars and hotels has good bar grub that are only a buck or two overpriced.

1201 Cafe & Lounge
1201 S.W. 12th

This funny, little club is like a low-rent Saucebox (swanky downtown restaurant) swan-crossed with a place I went to in New York where the bouncer was all uptight because the drugs we were doing weren’t bought from him.

So, my fellow students, you want a drink? If anyone will still serve me, I think I’m ready.