Art and Culture Calendar

Friday, May 28

Cart, The Muddy River Nightmare Band, TheBarnacles
Disjecta, 116 N.E. Russell
9:30 p.m.
Cart’s new album is coming up this June and I recommend that youbuy it. I heard it last weekend and it sounds ridiculously good.You should also go see them play at Disjecta, since they’ll bejoined by the raucous rock of The Muddy River NightmareBand.

Cat Power, Dolorean – Vanguard Pick
Aladdin Theater
8 p.m.
Cat Power’s Chan Marshall: overrated waifish- indie-rockguitarist or raw-voiced purveyor of lovingly-crafted modern folk?Maybe a little of both, but definitely more of the latter (Seepreview this issue).

Morris Tepper, Destroyer, Frog Eyes
Berbati’s Pan
$10, 21+
Moris Tepper, of Captain Beefheart guitar fame, joins the subtleglam (?) of Destroyer for a rock blowout at Berbati’s. They havereally good hummus there, so you should head out a little early toget your garbanzo bean on before the show.

Hell’s Belles, The Hitch, Mos Generator
10 p.m.
$12, $15 door, 21+
Everyone loves AC/DC, so what’s to stop you from seeing thisall-girl AC/DC cover band in the absence of the original? It’s waycheaper, and you can get a lot closer, too. The Hitch are noslouches either, and bring a generous serving of metalized heavyrock and roll to the table. If ever there was a concert to booze itup at, this is it.

Zao, Scarlet Misery, Signals, Twelve Tribes
7 p.m,
Zao’s latest album, called The Funeral of God, is a conceptdealing with a God who, due to humanity’s rejection, decides tosimply die. Dark and fierce metal backs up this potentiallyponderous and pretentious parable, making sure that there’s atleast some shredding to justify its existence. Give me Yob anyday.

Saturday, May 29

Anne Adams, The Vulturines, The Tuftees, Sean Brooks
Billy Ray’s
9 p.m.
Free show. Get your indie pop fix for the weekend.

Kieskagato, Junior Private Detective, Blitzen Trapper
8 p.m.
Everything from King Crimson to Miles Davis blends together inKieskagato, who know the value of a good melody driving your rocksong. Junior Private Detective plays arty emo-pop rock that’s kindof proggy, too, if that makes any sense. It does to me.

Desert City Soundtrack, Woke Up Falling, The Kite EatingTree
Tonic Lounge
Woke Up Falling is partying this Saturday to celebrate therelease of their new record, with support from Suicide Girls, PBR,the Mercury and Desert City Soundtrack. If I had friends from outof town that wanted to get a feel for the Portland scene, I wouldtell them to go to this show.

Emberghost, Core 13, Lunacrative, Faded, Inked IN Blood,Somber
Meow Meow
6:30 p.m.
I saw Emberghost once, and you couldn’t pay me $8 to go see themagain. They sucked more than any other band I’ve ever seen. Theyhad a fog machine that they turned OFF before they started playingtheir hackneyed whine music that they claimed was supposed to soundlike the Smashing Pumpkins. It didn’t. It sounded more like areally shitty band.

Sunday, May 30

Tortoise, Beans, The Eternals
Roseland Theater
8 p.m.
The Mercury brings you some ill-ass hip-hop courtesy of thecerebral Beans, plus a melding of guitar, bass, xylophone andvaried electronic devices by Tortoise, who let lots of rock ‘n’roll sneak into their whirling electronic compositions.

Monday, May 31

“The Triplets of Belleville”
Olympic Club Hotel & Theater
6 p.m., 8 p.m.
If you missed the critically acclaimed animated tale of agrandmother’s search for her kidnapped grandson, with the aid ofher dog and an elderly trio of singers from back in the day, now’sthe chance. It’s only 3 bucks.

Wednesday, June 2

The Honda Civic Tour with Dashboard Confessional, Thrice, TheGet Up Kids, Val Emmich
Portland Expo Center, 2060 N. Marine Drive
5:30 p.m.
The Honda Civic Tour? I doubt that any of these bands aretouring in a Honda Civic. Regardless, don’t miss your opportunityto see the shining stars of crappy radio-emo, especially the wankerwho started it all, Chris Carabba. Bring your most antagonisticpunker friends to beat up the tearful high schoolers.