Blazers get ready for LA

With the playoff picture beginning to come into focus, the Portland Trail Blazers and LA Lakers find themselves on the outside looking in. Both teams are within four games of the Houston Rockets for that coveted eighth playoff spot, and Friday’s matchup in Los Angeles will push one team even closer to the postseason.

Vigilante justice

Citizens should consider their abilities and the possible consequences before attempting to apprehend a criminal

Would-be vigilantes should think twice before donning a cape and protecting the streets of Portland from crime.

Graduating PSU student ‘dares to fail’

Former eco-terrorist Jacob Sherman speaks at graduation ceremony

For Jacob Sherman, the past 12 years have been about huge life changes.

After firebombing the logging trucks and other equipment of two Oregon companies in 2001, Sherman’s otherwise normal life as an undergrad at Portland State came to an abrupt halt.

Tackling justice

Vikings tight end chases, catches thief

Taylor Martinek, a tight end for the Portland State Vikings football team, has a knack for besting opponents.

It’s time to see the world

For graduates, traveling abroad has potentially important benefits

Emerging from college with a crisp degree and racked with excitement, relief and debt, graduating students are faced with an existence devoid of final-paper anxiety and library chairs familiar to the contours of one’s hindquarters (at least for a while). So, what to do?

New buses, new frontiers

TriMet’s three-year plan for advanced bus purchases

Three years from now, Portlanders can expect to be riding around town on almost 200 new buses. With 55 of the 193 coming sometime this summer, TriMet enacted the reinstatement of its annual bus purchase program, which will gradually add new buses to its fleet. About 40 buses per year would roll in over three years, lowering the average age of the fleet to eight years by 2020 and making it entirely composed of low-floor buses by 2017.

So you’re in a band…now what?

A guide to getting shows

So you and your friends have colonized an old house in North Portland with a perfect-sized basement for your gaggle of instruments and close friends to co-inhabit. But playing to your friends in your own house can become a stale activity in little to no time. So, we at the Vanguard are here to help you and your fledgling band take the next step and make the leap from basement to stage, from unknown to known.

Cleaner, brighter, better

New fleet of TriMet buses to ferry passengers starting this summer

On a warm and breezy afternoon last Thursday, TriMet officials and operators met with the press and public to admire, observe and ride on a prototype bus for the agency’s new fleet coming this summer. Among all the cuts, downgrades and layoffs, 55 brand new buses will hopefully put a gleam on some of the more drastic changes TriMet faces this summer with the beginning of its next fiscal year—one in which TriMet’s budget falls short some $12 million.

Oregon’s not-so-small nonprofit sector

Inaugural report highlights sector’s resilience, importance, hardships

For the first time, Oregon’s large nonprofit sector has received the analytic attention it deserves.

On May 1, Oregon’s $13 billion nonprofit sector was splayed and dissected in a 38-page document highlighting the sector’s strengths, weaknesses and impacts on the state’s overall economy and society. This inaugural document was the result of a collaborative partnership between the Nonprofit Association of Oregon and Portland State’s Institute for Nonprofit Management.

Saying goodbye to ‘Fareless Square’

What a farewell to the Free Rail Zone would mean

With TriMet’s approaching fiscal year well within sight, public transit users are forced to prepare themselves for the drastic systemic changes included within the agency’s budget proposal to close a $12 million gap.