Crook County

Facebook wins shifty tax dispute with Oregon

Facebook is here to stay, and it might be bringing some friends with it.

After months of negotiating with state and tax officials, the multi-billion dollar company has been assured a fixed tax rate by Govenor Kitzhaber for the next 15 years, making Oregon seem like a pretty cushy haven for other internet conglomerates.

Waiting for rain

PSU’s proposed ‘living’ building is ready to start growing

Portland State may become home to a living building by the end of 2013. All builders are waiting for is the legislature’s approval of $37 million in bonds to breathe life into the project, whose fate will be decided this February.

Inconvenient charges

Convenience charges aren’t always convenient for businesses either

We’ve all been there. With hectic to-do lists every day, sometimes bills get misplaced, or we don’t have vime to pick up more checks or we just plain forget when the cable bill is due.

When this happens, we have to shell out for the added “convenience” of paying quickly for being forgetful. Talk about a double-whammy.

The $2.5 million question

Oregon judge’s ruling in blogger case clarifies what a journalist is—and isn’t.

The media was in a defensive frenzy when Crystal Cox, a Montana blogger, was fined $2.5 million for defamation in early December.

That is, until they checked out her blogs.

Cox, a self proclaimed “investigative blogger,” proposed many accounts of fraud perpetrated by Kevin Padrick, a lawyer for the investment firm Obsidian Financial Group, in her blogs. Padrick sued Cox for her multiple accusations of the company’s financial corruption which spread over 500 separate URL’s and which now plague Google searches of his name.

Please, sir, we want some more!

NPR firings over Occupy protests raise questions

This October, two freelance contributors to NPR were fired for their involvement in the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Lisa Simeone worked as a freelance host for Soundprint, a documentary program distributed by NPR but not produced by it. Simeone provided her take on featured documentaries on the show for 15 years and never had a problem with personal politics affecting her work before.

Turning the page

Honors Program implements new curriculum, increases accessibility for students

The Portland State Honors Program was founded in 1969. Now, 42 years later, it’s getting a facelift.

The Honors Program was created for students who are high achievers and are interested in pursuing graduate or professional school for research in their field of study.

In the old program, students weren’t held to university graduation requirements and were instead able to develop their own plan for a major. Working closely with faculty advisors all the while, this culminated in a thesis in the final year.

Alive and questioning

Portland Humanist Film Festival celebrates its second year of making people think

More than 500 people attended last year’s Portland Humanist Film Festival, numbers which are expected to double (possibly even triple) at this year’s event at Cinema 21 from Nov. 11–13.

That sounds like a reasonable amount of people to cram into a movie theater for three days. But for an event promoting free thought as opposed to religion in a city whose goal is to stay weird, this actually seems like a low attendance.

A 2008 Gallup poll ranked Portland as one of the ten least religious cities in the nation, with 47 percent of respondents claiming religion was not an important part of their daily lives. Another poll put Oregon at number one for the percentage of non-religious residents—24.6 percent.

Let them see plays!

Nationwide theatre event stands for marriage equality…and cake

The Minetta Lane Theatre in New York City is the first place Standing on Ceremony—The Gay Marriage Plays will appear before it sweeps across the country simultaneously on Monday, Nov. 7. Twenty-five theatres in 19 states are putting on this event in tandem, as well as three theatres in Australia and France.

The goal is to raise awareness and funding to bring about marriage equality. Fortunately for Portland, the Artists Repertory Theatre has made itself one of the participants for this noble cause.

Make. Promote. Watch.

New PSU Film Crew encourages growing film major

To all you would-be filmmakers out there: It’s true that Portland State doesn’t have a film production major for you.

But don’t be deceived by the combined title of the newly christened department of theatre and film: Rather than simply analyzing these mediums, you may be filming a music video next term or having your very own documentary broadcast on TV.