You gonna tap that?

New face-recording smartphone app more trouble than it’s worth

Imagine walking into a bar knowing exactly how many people are inside. Before you even order a drink, you also know the exact ratio of men to women and the average age of everyone there. Maybe your odds just got better, but if they did, at what cost?

The Sarcastic Dharma Society

Portland’s elusive indie sweetheart

The Sarcastic Dharma Society started out as a dream. Singer-songwriter Mat Vuksinich was on a road trip with Woody Allen when their car broke down. During their trek to the next town, a dramatic archway loomed, inscribed with the fateful words that would follow Vuksinich from his hometown in the foothills of northern California to Portland.

Where have all the zealots gone?

Pesky protestors or devoted activists, the park blocks are open to everyone

Throughout my college experience, a constant that I could always count on was that, come rain or shine, there were always people in the South Park Blocks yelling about something. Now in my last term, I’m realizing that I haven’t heard any rants about God, the environment or what-have-you for months. After the monsoon spring we’ve been having, the weather (not to mention the tumultuous political climate) has finally become ideal for these crusading opinion-touters, but lately they’re few and far between.

America and cyberweapons— uncharted territory

Pentagon’s decision is necessary and inevitable

Do you worry about credit card theft? What about someone stealing your identity?

Well, despite these strikes becoming ever more frequent (my mom got hit twice in the same month), these occurrences are just scratching the surface of cyber attacks, and far be it from me to trust the government with spy technology, but this time it might be warranted—maybe even overdue.


ASPSU’s new structure will encourage more effective student advocacy

As a result of high rates of student leader turnover, the proposal to restructure ASPSU was put to a vote on Sunday. The result? A 16-1 victory for the Vision and Reform Committee.

Bad Apple?

Working conditions at Foxconn are just as bad as everywhere else

Apple Inc. has based its design on a sleek, minimalist aesthetic. Let’s face it, Apple products look cool, which is more than half the battle in attracting customers to your brand.

Higher ground

On Trayvon Martin, and why stand your ground laws should be repealed

The tragic shooting of Trayvon Martin last month has brought a lot of scrutiny to stand your ground laws in the U.S. But while the facts of this specific incident remain shrouded in uncertainty, the escalating need to repeal these laws becomes ever clearer.

Tugboat Brewing Co. is worth a stop any night of the week.

‘Nice beer for nice people’

Tugboat keeps enthusiasts chugging along

Regardless of the weather outside, the beer-drinking conditions at Tugboat Brewing Co. are always perfect. It’s the oldest microbrewery in downtown Portland and a family-owned enterprise that evolved first from a watch-repair shop to a coffeehouse, and then, finally, to your new favorite bar. Whatever prompted the switch to brewing English-style strong ales, it’s working.


If you like to mix it up on your nights out, look no further than the one (and only) Reed McClintock’s Jedi Mindfuck magic show. Amidst the go-go boots, patent leather and half-naked ladies at Dante’s, Portland’s greatest magician is just waiting to trip you out.

Conspiracy theorists, relax!

Google’s privacy policy changes will not adversely affect students

Just when you thought the Internet knew you pretty well, Google announced that it can do a lot better. So much better, in fact, that users with a Gmail account will have a lot of decisions made for them by an algorithm under their new privacy policy. Which is fine for student accounts; it’s people with personal Gmail accounts that might want to consider a switch to a new provider.

40 days of ignoring women’s rights

Pro-lifers’ protests have peaceful front,but pack loads of problems 40 Days For Life wants to stop baby killin’. An admirable goal, except when it comes at the expense of a…