Carting into the night

Portlanders love their nightlife. Rock shows, house parties and excessive amounts of caffeine keep many of us up into the wee hours. Unfortunately, this lifestyle often requires seeking out some form of nocturnal sustenance, which can be a real pain after your sixth tallboy of Hamm’s.

Splendor in the living room

The creative process can be a healing one. Mixed-media artist Lynda Frese’s collection at False Front Studio, Tara in the Living Room, provides a perfect example of art as therapy. As a Louisiana-based artist, Frese has confronted the tragic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in an honest and constructive fashion.

Overlapping realities

European Starlings weave their surroundings into the songs they sing. In urban areas, the birds can often be heard mimicking sirens, car alarms or the loud report of a jackhammer.

Artful comfort

Artist Giles Bettison has a way of making glass look as soft as linen. His unique, kiln-formed creations often have a warm and inviting quality to them.

Do what you love, love what you do

A series of promotional posters for Portland State’s upcoming graphic design exhibition show a stencil of the words “Love What You Do” held up against a variety of different backdrops, including pine trees, concrete and sky.

A day in death

As Halloween grows near, the search for the perfect costume rises to a fever pitch. Partygoers are endlessly haunted by questions like, “How played out is this whole zombie thing?” or “How ironic should my zombie costume be?”

The price of pretty

Over the past few weeks, the Internet has been ablaze with reactions to a recent controversial Ralph Lauren advertisement. The ad depicts model Filippa Hamilton sporting some of the clothing brand’s latest fashions.

The lowdown on high art

Roller derby has been enjoying a resurgence of popularity in recent years. This is particularly evident in Portland, where derby fever has taken the city by storm.

Spotlight on China

China is a country defined by transition. It still stands in the long shadow cast by Mao Zedong, former dictator from 1949 to 1976, but is moving rapidly into a new light.

Who needs braces?

Loose teeth. The phrase brings to mind childhood angst, or those creepy dreams in which you start losing your molars one after another.

Dorothea Lange in Oregon

A man on horseback holds a child, his face obscured by shadows. In the background, we see a woman standing beside a ramshackle tent, staring off into the distance.