Circus act

The movie “Water for Elephants” tells the story of Jacob Jankowski after his life turns off its previous track and he joins a traveling circus.

Hell on Earth

According to Nickelback, we all just want to be big rock stars, which may in fact be the only valid point Nickelback has ever made. Throwing this aside, it has to be said that most of us have a little rockstar inside.

Take a hike? Get out of town!

It’s that time of year again. The cherry blossoms are about to burst into bloom, it’s rainy, but not cold, and a mysterious yellow ball of light has started to appear in the sky.

STOMPing its way into Portland

When you were a kid (or maybe some of you who have kids have done this), did you ever get put on the floor with a bunch of bowls and some spoons and allowed to make as much noise as you wanted?