Portland State has jokes on jokes

Get ready to laugh, because the 2011 National College Comedy Competition has begun.

Get ready to laugh, because the 2011 National College Comedy Competition has begun. If you’re in the mood for comedy this week, you should look no further than our very own Portland Sate University NCCC team. They’re facing off against Evergreen College and showcasing their best stuff during the Regional Rival Show at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, March 2.

The National College Comedy Competition was founded in 2008 by Rooftop Comedy with an ambitious plan. They were going to search colleges throughout the U.S. looking for the funniest college student. It’s about more than just stand-up, though, since students who advance to the higher rounds have to make short, funny films that roast their rival team. There are some newcomers in the mix this year, as well as a few old rivals. One thing’s for sure, though—this year is going to be even wilder and more hilarious than last year.

2011 marks the group’s fourth year of hosting the competition. At the start of the season, there are 32 teams—eight teams for each geographical area: west, east, south and midwest. Each college’s team is comprised of eight students who have won a spot after their campus talent search. The eight teams compete in a Regional Rival Show (March 1 to April 9) where the audience and a panel of judges get to decide who moves on.

From there, the teams whittle down to the “Select 16” who will again fight it out regionally (March 20 to April 11), while online voters get to decide which teams will be worthy to move on and become part of the “Ultimate 8.” Those who have been deemed worthy enter the Conference Rival Round (April 14 to 18), where eight teams will ultimately have to say goodbye to their dreams of being named the funniest college students.

From those eight, the teams compete in the Conference Rival Roast (April 18to 25), wherein their funniness on film is tested and they create video roasts of the team they’re facing. Audiences across the U.S. once again cast their votes, and the four teams with the most become the “Funniest 4.” These four teams take it to the stage and bring everything they’ve got (April 28 to May 2). Once again, it is up to the judges, who will name the nation’s funniest college team on May 9.

The glory doesn’t end there, however, because four MVPs are selected from the winning team, and get to bring their A-game to the stage at the TBS Presents Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Chicago on June 14 to 18. Once there, the team members will receive the VIP treatment, including hanging out with celebrity comedians and backstage passes to all kinds of events.

Last year, Calvin Cole, a student from the University of Florida, won the top honor after a fierce competition that left Emerson College, Loyola Marymount and Xavier University in the dust. This year, Portland State is ready to enter into the fray and treat the other teams to a healthy dose of Portland humor.

The NCCC is not just about who’s going to be named funniest team or funniest student in America. It’s also about raising local revenue and college spirit. That said, come out and support our PSU comedy team. After all, this may be your last chance to get to know them now, before they become big-shot comedy champions.

For more information about the Helium Comedy Club, check out their website at www.heliumcomedy.com/portland. ?