Be aware of queers!


That’s right kids, it’s Queer Awareness Week and Portland StateUniversity’s very own Queers and Allies has an entire week ofgoodies planned for the student body.

The week’s festivities began yesterday with an old fashionedgame of “Guess the Het,” where students tried their hand at testingtheir own “gaydars.” Today Robyn Ochs, activist and co-founder ofthe Bisexual Resource Center, will be giving a lecture entitled”Understanding Bisexuality.”

One of the week’s larger events, the Day of Silence, will betaking place on Thursday, and is sponsored by the Oregon StateStudents Equal Rights Alliance. Students on campus will be vowingto take a daylong vow of silence in protest of the silence that theGay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered communities have had toendure within American society.

The week will draw to a close with Aphrodite, the PSU 2004 QueerProm. Taking place on Saturday, April 24 from 8p.m. to Midnight,the toga dance-party will cost $7 for advance tickets and $10 atthe door.

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(ABOVE: A protester holds a sign speaking out against anti-gayactivist Fred Phelps on Sunday, April 18.)